Three Factors to Consider Before You Join a Travel Membership Club

Three Factors to Consider Before You Join a Travel Membership Club

If you are considering joining a travel membership club, there are a few things to consider. For example, you will want to check the blackout dates. What are the limitations in terms of family vacations? What are the other benefits of joining such a club? And, what is the cost of membership? You can find out about these factors and more by reading this article. If you’re considering joining a travel membership club, be sure to consider these three factors.

Blackout dates in travel membership clubs

Travel membership clubs have blackout dates, a clause in the contract that prevents members from booking certain experiences on certain dates. These blackout dates can be all-day events or a specific period. These restrictions can make the entire membership useless, as they force members to pay more for the same trip. Here’s how to avoid blackout dates:

Hotel loyalty programs vary in their blackout date policies, but the best ones generally have no blackout dates. Some hotels play games with award availability by recategorizing rooms after blackout dates. However, persistent travelers can still snag an award room. These policies vary widely between hotel chains. Some hotels have more restrictive blackout policies than others. Check with your travel membership club to see if you can get an award room on a certain day or date.

Airlines put their promotional events and travel rewards on hold during blackout dates, which are often around holidays and peak travel times. In addition to preventing travelers from taking advantage of special offers, airlines put their discounts and promotions on hold during these times. This is why airlines and hotel chains put their blackout dates around peak travel periods. If the dates are on a calendar, you may not be able to book the vacation of your dreams during these periods.

Limitations on family vacations

A major drawback to family vacations in travel membership clubs is the cost. Some clubs cap family plans at three people, which can be prohibitively expensive. In addition, family members may have to choose between vacation destinations in separate rooms or share cabins, which could create a conflict over the rules. A family member’s expectations and emotional costs can also be impacted by family-based membership restrictions. It’s worth considering whether such restrictions would be acceptable for your family vacation.

Cost of membership

While a travel membership club isn’t going to break the bank, there are many benefits. For one thing, it can ease planning stress and uncertainty. But the costs and benefits of travel membership clubs vary widely. While they may seem like the cheapest option, many members will find themselves paying several thousand dollars for travel. And it isn’t just vacation clubs that are on the rise. Subscription economies have affected hotels as well. For instance, Freehand Hotels have introduced a membership club that allows members to stay on its private plane. However, it’s important to remember that the fee can add up to over US$2,500 per year.

The cost of membership in one of these clubs varies from $800 per year to $13,395 for two people. Members are required to book a minimum of 25 days of travel per year. However, they can share a pass with a family member for $300 per month. However, travel membership clubs aren’t always affordable for everyone. In addition to the cost, there are several restrictions. Depending on the membership type, members can’t book a trip less than seven days in advance.

Other considerations before joining

Before you join a travel membership club, it’s always smart to get some intel about the company. One good way to do this is to Google the name of the club and search for negative keywords. Remember that travel clubs use sophisticated search-engine manipulation techniques to sabotage their reputations. You can also research the company’s owners. Some may look clean online, but their owners are suspect. In this case, you might want to walk away.

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