Booking a holiday rental in Rome is a cheaper accommodation option for families, large groups, and couples in comparison to staying at a hostel. However, before booking an apartment, tourists should consider factors such as their budget and where they would like to stay. For instance, tourists who are looking to enjoy the city’s lively nightlife are sure to feel bored in a quiet neighborhood. Tourists to Rome are, therefore, advised to study various locations and neighborhoods in Rome before actually booking their apartment rentals.

Here is some information to help tourists choose the best neighborhood to stay in.

  • Coliseum and Roman Forum area – Tourists who wish to savor the archaeological wonders of Rome must get an apartment rental in the area around the Roman Forum and the Coliseum. The location is easily accessible owing to the presence of a metro station right in front of the Coliseum as well as the Stazione Termini. Moreover, the popular shopping area of Via del Corso is close by and several buses travel there. Since vehicles are not allowed on the boulevard running past the Roman Forum and the Coliseum, tourists can enjoy their weekend walks along this boulevard.
  • Trastevere area – Trastevere is the fashionable part of Rome, featuring pleasant little streets, dance clubs, upbeat shops, exciting pubs, and many cafes. The region lacks major hotels, owing to which visitors will find no dearth of great apartment rentals here. Moreover, tourist attractions and beautiful churches such as the Church of Santa Maria and the Church of Santa Cecilia are close by.
  • Prati – Although Prati is an excellent location for people traveling on a budget, it is a bit far away from the major attractions of the city. However, it is a shopper’s paradise owing to the presence of the Triofale flower-and-food market and other inexpensive shopping areas.
  • Neighborhoods near Vatican City – The area around the Vatican City does not offer any nightlife and is ideal for tourists who are seeking some peace and looking to learn the region’s religious history. Apartment rentals are available close to religious attractions such as St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican Museums, and the Vatican Gardens. Moreover, the place is home to some of the finest restaurants in Rome.
  • Piazza Navona – Piazza Navona is an ideal location for tourists who like the idea of experiencing the city on foot. Antique narrow streets and plenty of baroque and renaissance palaces and churches are some of its top features. Tourists will enjoy the nightlife, street artists and musicians, and the many cafes here.