National Parks And Natural Attractions You Should Not Miss In Albany, WA

National Parks And Natural Attractions You Should Not Miss In Albany, WA

There are lots of extraordinary natural attractions and national parks in Albany, Western Australia. Most of these attractions are too good to miss. Thus, it’s strongly-advised that you take some time to explore the many different sights and attractions when you choose to spend your holidays in Albany. Numerous national parks will give you enlightening and awe-inspiring experiences.

Albany’s natural attractions evidently display the beauty and power of nature. There are so many things to see and do when you visit Albany. You may need to spend a long vacation if you want to savor all the best things that the region can offer. A short holiday trip won’t do justice to the wonders of Albany’s attractions.

First off is the Torndirrup National Park. It’s where you can witness the amazing power and beauty of the sea. The park offers a view of The Natural Bridge and The Gap as well as The Blowholes. The Natural Bridge and The Gap have been sculpted by the Southern Sea itself. A safe viewing platform is provided for those who want to observe the fierce waves of the ocean while taking pleasure in the sights of extraordinary rock formations.

You should also check out the Porongorup National Park. Formed from granite rocks, moss covered from slow weathering, the range features several peaks and lush forests. From the peaks you can see the Stirling Range to the north, as well as views of the Southern Ocean.

The Stirling Range National Park is a must-visit if you wish to further explore the spectacular mountain ranges of the region. Some footpaths and natural trails are prefect for bushwalks, hiking and trekking. You may also want to climb Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in the south-west of Western Australia.

The park has been acknowledged by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA). The range offers a breathtaking landscape, especially during the season when the wildflowers are at their best. The Stirling Range National Park is ideal for people who want to bond with exquisite bird and flower species.

It’s also wise to visit Two Peoples Bay National Park, situated 35 kms east of Albany. It is a magnificent picnic spot and fishing site for couples and families. Two Peoples Bay is a center for ornithologists who want to get a glimpse on the area’s well-known rare species. You can either walk the heritage trails or learn about the wildlife of the area by looking into the Visitors Discovery Center.

If you have time, a little East of Albany you can enjoy magnificent coastal scenery in the Waychinicup National Park. The park is also where rare and elusive animals are isolated and protected. Another attraction that you shouldn’t miss is the Bibbulmun Track, West of Albany. You can delight yourself with impressive coastal views and many varieties of astonishing wildflowers right after you take a look at the famous Albany Wind Farm.

Relax at Emu Point or the ever popular Middleton Beach. Emu Point is ideal for picnics, swimming, fishing and boating. Another nearby beach, Goode beach is excellent for windsurfing and other extreme water sports. Also located close to Middleton Beach is Eyre Park. This is a perfect location for families and groups of friends who want to enjoy a well-equipped children’s playground with covered pavilions, benches, ponds and basketball area.

You should also include in your to-do list the Oyster Harbour, Kalgan River and the King River. Such majestic rivers provide breathtaking panoramic views as well as the chance to spend time with some exotic bird and fish species. Visit various historic venues such as the old Strawberry Hill Farm, the Brig Amity Replica and the old whaling station. The Whale world is a really famous tourist attraction. You can even spot some whales near the shore!

To be sure not to miss any of the natural attractions and national parks mentioned above, it is prudent that you choose accommodation in Albany that is located in close proximity. The great thing is that numerous holiday homes in Albany are situated near most of the tourist destinations.

Find a holiday house that suits your needs and budget. There are lots of remarkable options to choose from. Because tourism has become a major industry in the region, it is never difficult to find affordable yet outstanding holiday accommodation in Albany. All you need to do is meticulously assess the rates and features. More importantly, it’s wise that you book your choice of accommodation as early as possible.

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