Paycation Travel Reviews – Is Paycation Travel a Scam?

Paycation Travel Reviews – Is Paycation Travel a Scam?

You may be wondering about Paycation and its multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation plan. While the company does have a lucrative compensation plan, it is also infamous for being a scam. So, what do paycation travel reviews say? Here are some answers to that question. Paycation travel is now called TraVerus. You may want to avoid them if you can. Read on to learn more about this company and its compensation plan.

Paycation is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company

Paycation is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company focusing on the travel industry. They claim to provide unique and easy-to-sell products that make people money, but most MLMs are a scam. The company was once called a pyramid scheme, but has since changed its name to Traverus. There is no product to sell, and there is no way to make money with this company. Its success relies heavily on recruiting and training new distributors.

While Paycation is a legitimate MLM company, its compensation plan is extremely difficult to understand. The compensation plan revolves around recruitment and payment of monthly fees, and the high commission structure makes it sound like a pyramid scheme. Beware of any plan that offers you commissions for recruiting new recruits. These plans are scams, and Paycation has been sued in California.

It offers a lucrative compensation plan

As an affiliate of Paycation travel, you’ll receive a handsome compensation plan. As an affiliate of Paycation, you’ll be funneling customers through other businesses to book travel. Affiliates earn 65 to 75 percent commission on bookings, depending on the plan you’ve signed up for. In addition to travel commissions, you’ll also make money if you recruit new members. Paycation pays its affiliates a membership fee.

If you’ve been considering joining Paycation as a distributor, you might be wondering what the compensation plan entails. The compensation plan involves a monthly fee and the opportunity to earn up to $25 in commissions for each referral. In other words, it’s a pyramid scheme. And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! As a compensation plan, Paycation is very appealing to those who like commissions, but you’ll need to market and sponsor your own team members in order to achieve success.

It has a reputation for being a scam

Many people join the Paycation marketing system with the idea of making money without selling any bookings. The truth is that you can make money with Paycation simply by selling its membership plans. However, the company does not pay a commission for booking air travel. That is where other legit travel agents come in. In addition, the Paycation marketing system requires you to pay a fee to become an affiliate.

The Paycation compensation plan consists of monthly fees and commissions for recruitment. This puts the company squarely in pyramid scheme territory. Beware of any plan that promises commissions for recruitment. One company was even sued for this scheme in California, so pay close attention to these Paycation travel reviews. There are many other travel networks out there that promise to make you rich, but the Paycation network marketing program is not one of them.

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