Tourist Places in Mumbai that you shouldn’t miss

Tourist Places in Mumbai that you shouldn’t miss

The city of dreams, Mumbai is a place which welcomes visitors from across the country with open arms. So if you are someone who is looking to visit the beautiful city for holiday purpose, then surely you are going to experience a memorable time here. The centre of country’s commerce, the hub of film making and entertainment, Mumbai is the city that glitters in every corner.

Needless to say, the city offers a delightful experience to tourists of all types with its rich diversity and plenty of tour attractions. Here are 5 must places that you should look to visit during your trip to Mumbai to experience a perfect holiday.

Marine Drive – A must visit place in Mumbai; Marine Drive is one of the most iconic seafront in the city. It is the original the cityscape that is shown in countless movies and is a must visit place during a trip to the city of Mumbai. Along the promenade, there are Art Deco buildings which make the whole spectacle quite amazing and treat to the eyes.

The waves on the Arabian Sea are something that feels captivating and one can along the coast enjoy snacks like corn and peanuts in the company of their loved ones. The whole experience of witnessing the waves becomes all the more enchanting during the evening and it offers to tourist a true blue experience.

Gateway of India – The Indo-Saracenic architectural marvel is the most popular landmark in Mumbai and is frequented by locals as well as tourists on regular basis. The Gateway of India therefore should be the first thing in your list of places to visit in Mumbai. The place holds a special historic value as it greeted many ships and welcomed Viceroys and Governors to Mumbai during the British rule.

Opposite the Gateway of India is the most iconic hotel Taj Mahal that you can visit to make your experience all the more memorable. And if your budget permits, you can check for prices with Mumbai hotel list to rent a room near Gateway and stay in an ideal place.  Surely one of the best tourist attractions, without visiting this place it’ is completely meaningless to visit Mumbai.

Enjoy Your Time at Essel World and Water Kingdom – Essel World and Water Kingdom is the tourist attraction that is a must in the itinerary of each traveler. So whether you frequent Mumbai regularly or are visiting the city for the first time, you can experience a fun filled day at these two destinations in the company of your family. Here you can take part and enjoy countless big water rides, can have fun in the water along with taking guided tours.

The place is just perfect of kids and young children owing to the availability of fun rides, water slides, and many more activities such as swimming, group play and fun activities. The entry fee to the amusement park is nominal and you can surely along with your kids have the time of your life inside the place.

Elephanta Caves – Elephanta caves on Arabian Sea reflect the history of India and offer a splendid insight into the rich cultural heritage of India. Frequented by visitors from all over the world, Elephanta caves is a place that you must visit while during your trip to the financial capital of India.

The Caves give a sneak peek into the long lost art of rock carving in India and it is certainly the place which will take you back to time governed by spirituality and faith. Quite a magnificent tourist attraction, the caves are surely one of the most beautiful in India, and if you are looking to experience cultural heritage take interest in ancient arts, then it is one place that would not want to miss.

Siddhivinayak Temple – Dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesh, the temple was constructed in 1801 and has since then served as long standing testament of belief and architecture.  It is one of the most famous and richest temples in Mumbai and everyday thousands of devotees visit the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shri Ganesh. Apart from common people, Bollywood celebrities also visit the temple from time to time offer prayers to Lord Ganesh and owing to this the temples witnesses quite huge crowd.

Carved out of stone, the temple is a unique six storeyed construction along with golden dome on the top of it. The Siddhivinayak being a famous temple also serves as popular tourist attraction and visitors coming to Mumbai always make it a point to stop here and offer their prayers to the Lord Ganesh to seek his blessings.

Conclusion – Thus, also called as the Mayanagri, Mumbai is one place that every traveler should once visit in his lifetime to witness paradoxes. Accommodation in Mumbai is cheaper and you can always check for Mumbai hotel list to select a hotel within your budget.

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