A Memorable Trip to Dubai

My wife and I take a trip once a year for a vacation. Normally we travel around the US, but this year we decided to do something a little different. We got passports and picked a location in another country. There were a lot of places that we thought would be fun for our trip, but we decided that Dubai would be the best. For our trip to Dubai, we needed a vehicle to help us get around, so we looked at some car rental services. While we could probably use public transportation to get around Dubai, it would be quicker and more convenient to have our own vehicle.

The flight to Dubai was pretty long, but I was able to sleep through a lot of it. Every time I looked over at my wife, she had her head buried in one of her books. She likes to read financial books about how to save money for retirement. When the plane landed, we were in a completely different time zone. After getting our luggage, we picked up the rental vehicle and headed to our hotel room to unpack and take a shower.

When my wife and I usually go to a place, we like to see all of the famous landmarks and try the various foods, but this time we wanted to do something beyond our standard plans. We wanted to do something that would make the trip more memorable. I planned a little romantic event on one of the beaches in Dubai. I hired a special chef to cook us a dinner and after that, we went on a horseback ride by the moonlight. I got the idea for all of this by watching some romance movies. I picked the most romantic events from each movie and combined them into one thing.

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