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Travel Pilgrimage TourYour dream tour to the Holy Land of Israel would be a exclusive practical experience that would be cherished by you all through your lifetime. Log on to Israel and Germany for added facts about booking a pilgrimage to these countries. Prior to opening Pilgrim Tours, the owner of the firm had 12 years of domestic and international tour management encounter. Last a pay a visit to to The GARDEN TOMB is integrated, exactly where you will have the chance to share a Holy Communion service conducted by your Tour Leader.

The biggest pilgrimage site in France which welcomes around 5 million pilgrims a year. Chris has made more than 71 pilgrims to the Holy Land and is a incredibly experienced licensed tour guide. Considering that I travel with little groups, you will have far more time to spend with our priest throughout the journey.

These months are stressful for travel organizers as they have to have to look into just about every detail of the tour and every individual’s needs. With quite a few awards and recognition more than the years, you can rest assured that the team at ITS Travel will make certain your Christian pilgrimage runs smoothly and according to plan.

Come and discover a Pilgrim tour to the Holy Land and open up to a nation that is wealthy in historic and cultural web-sites. That remains accurate and but, given that it was not only a pilgrimage but also a retreat, I anticipated individuals to maintain some silence. This ten-day, 9-night tour was created to take your group to Germany’s top Lutheran pilgrimage sites, as effectively as showcase the greatest of German’s culture, history, and countryside – at a pleasant, enjoyable pace.

Tour firms are specialists on steering clear of any challenge regions and if there is an area exactly where there is unrest, they will just substitute yet another internet site. For more than 40 years, Pilgrimage Tours, with each other with our associates in Israel and the Middle East, we have been constantly able to provide our tour leaders and their groups with fantastic and outstanding service.

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