Travel Pilgrimage TourVisit beloved holy shrines around the planet, exactly where you can deepen your faith as well as explore the local culture and history. If you are a group organizer passionate about pilgrimage and interested in preparing a custom-crafted pilgrimage tour for your community, you’ve come to the appropriate spot. No matter what causes your go to, pilgrimage tours in India will certainly bequeath you with memory of a lifetime.

With our smaller group we will be able to sleep and eat in locations large tour groups cannot. A sightseeing tour including some of the significant areas in the city of light”- Champs- Elysees, Truimphal Arch, Trocadero and Sacre-Cœur. Tour sights are colorful with historic charm that can’t be identified anyplace else.

Aside from supplying pilgrimage tours and cruises for Christians who want to encounter walking in the footsteps of faith, we also give an array of other nearby and international tours and cruises that will appeal to your thirst for travel and adventure.

Due to the fact then, pilgrims travel to the Shrine all year round to worship ‘Our Lady Queen of Peace’. He is effectively recognized throughout the Holy Land both by the Franciscans and tour guides. Understanding of the route is crucial, but encounter on the realities of group travel on the route is even much more vital.

Accommodation is booked in either moderate 1st class or tourist class hotels, according to the option of our tour leaders who are acquainted with these hotels. The finish outcome is a properly-planned, nicely-run pilgrimage tour that will be remembered fondly by all.

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