Top 10 Vendors At Adelaide Central Market

Top 10 Vendors At Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide is the coastal capital city located in South Australia. With great art galleries and museums such as the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian museum, this capital city is devoted to showing off its art and natural history. 

Besides its lovely art and historical culture, Adelaide is also home to the 1860s historic haunt called Adelaide Central Market. There are more than 80 vendors available selling produce, meats, gourmet dishes, and other items. 

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1. House of Organics

Bill Howison owns House of Organics which offers clients the best sustainably grown organic produce in Adelaide. Most produce comes from Adelaide Hills, but some of it is sourced from surrounding Adelaide areas. 

They have a coding system so that you know how the produce was treated when it was being grown. Blue means that there was a minimum amount of spraying during the growing process. A green label means that the produce is organic. Red is the code for the traditional growth method with the usual spraying. 

Stall: 34-36

2. Haigh’s Chocolates

Alfred E. Haigh founded the company in 1915 and it has grown into the oldest family-owned chocolatier in Australia. Fast forward to the present day, the fourth generation of the Haigh family runs the local chocolate shop chain. Besides their Adelaide Central Market location, they have 20 other chains stationed throughout Australia including Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

There are more than 250 varieties of chocolate for you to indulge in. Choose from hand-dipped truffles, chocolate frogs, chocolate gift boxes for any occasion, and seasonal flavored specialty chocolate features such as Rocky Road during the summer. 

Stall: GO46 & 48

3. Marino Meat & Food Store

Riccardo owns the Marino Meat & Food Store at Adelaide Central Market. He is a member of the third generation in the Marino family that now runs the store to keep the legacy of Antonio Marino, the founder, alive. 

Antonio Marino started as a butcher in Abruzzo, Italy before moving to Adelaide, Australia to open his own business. Locals and tourists today flock to Marino Meat & Food Store for all their Italian deli needs and even gourmet Italian food. Besides their Adelaide Central Market location, they have a second one in Croydon Park. 

Stall: GO 52-54

4. Say Cheese 

Peter owns Say Cheese which is a vendor that offers locally-made and imported cheeses. If you love cheese and regularly use it in all of your dishes, grab your favorite cheese before heading back home. 

Select from brie, camembert, Folie di Castagno, Shropshire Blue, and many other cheese varieties. Sometimes they run specials such as five types of cheeses inside of a Say Cheese branded cooler bag all for $50. Whether you like them in small triangular wedges or large round wedges, there is a cheese available for everyone’s tastes that visit this shop. 

Stall: 46

5. Zuma Caffe

Zuma Caffe originated in 1993 and now Tony and John are the licensed owners that take the lead in operating the homey cafe. Select from delicious breakfast sandwiches, different coffee brews, delectable pastries, and even cold and hot lunch dishes. 

Some dishes are certified vegetarian and keto for those who are following these diets. What sets Zuma Caffe apart from other establishments is that they offer all-day breakfast in case you are not in the mood for a traditional lunch dish. 

Stall: GO56

6. Sunmi’s Sushi

Sunmi owns Sunmi’s Sushi and offers dairy-free delectable Korean eats. Enter the west gate into the market to find the stall.

Choose from fried sushi, bibimbap, green pancakes, and more! The mung bean pancakes are flavorful and affordable and a fan favorite at the restaurant according to TripAdvisor reviews. 

Before she opened her food establishment, Sunmi was an Olympic volleyball player. She has operated her restaurant for more than 25 years after retiring from Olympic sports.

Stall: 1

7. Photoco Camera House 

When you fly into Adelaide, do not forget to stop by Photoco Camera House, which is the oldest camera shop located in Australia. Paul, Peter, Marijan, and Luke are the owners and shopkeepers of the establishment. 

Turn the digital images on your phone into traditional photos in no time. When you need camera photos processed, it only takes an hour or less. For photography and videography hobbyists, choose from a selection of camera bags, film, different camera models, camera frames, stands, and so much more! Come in for camera repair as needed. 

If you need to get a passport photo for the first time or have it updated, come to Photoco so you can take the photo to the local airport. Smile and say cheese!

Stall: WR5

8. Jagger Fine Foods

Jagger Fine Foods sells specialty and gourmet food selections that make food taste better. Choose from chip dips, spreads, chutneys, sauces, and jams among other selections. 

If you need help knowing how to cook a specific type of food, just ask one of the shopkeepers for advice. They will point you in the right direction on how to prepare a specific dish and what foods pair best with their sauces, spreads, and dips. 

Stall: 38

9. Dough

The dough is a simple name for a bakery, but their French patisserie-style pastries have an air of fanciness. The owner Peter offers baguettes, tarts, fresh bread, cake, cookies, and many more confections. 

Look on their Facebook for featured sweets. Recently featured sweets have included Wendy’s Famous Carrot Cake with walnuts and buttercream and a Mango Cheesecake Tart adorned with Diplo cream, edible flowers, and fresh fig wedges. 

Stall: 45

10. Central Market Books

Just because more information is available online, this does not take away the greatness of a traditional book. Barry has owned Central Market Books for over 36 years. He offers best-selling novels, nonfiction titles, cookbooks, and more. Look for old favorites and discover a book you have never read before. If you are more of a magazine or comic book connoisseur, he has a section for that, too. 

Stall: R40

Final Thoughts On Top Adelaide Central Market Vendors 

With more than 80 vendors at the Adelaide Central Market, there is something for everyone to enjoy during their visit. Fly into Adelaide by booking your flight with Cathay Pacific today so you can visit as many vendors as you would like at Adelaide Central Market. 

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