Travel Agent Booking Sites

The advent of online booking sites has raised the bar for customer service. Travel agents would rather create a personal relationship with their clients and win their business by providing honest, high-quality service. After all, every resort has its share of bad rooms. Generally, a tiny, smelly room will be cheaper than a freshly- renovated one. Moreover, a room overlooking a dumpster will cost less than a newly-built room overlooking the beach. In addition, hidden taxes and daily resort fees may take more of the actual booking amount than the cost of the actual vacation itself. Travel agents advise against these extra charges and recommend booking through a local travel agent to avoid being ripped off by online booking sites.


A travel agent booking site should offer the same types of features for the customers as it does for the travel agent. Unlike a typical website, travel agency booking sites are designed to offer customers multiple booking options and can be customized to blend with the agency’s branding. These sites also have features that assist in managing reservations, which includes presenting customers with options based on price and inventory. They also allow users to save and export quotations and documents with pricing.

A travel software should provide full automation for the entire travel process, including customer service. A good online quotation management system is also crucial. Creating a quote for a single destination can take a full day of work. Multiple destinations and factors associated with each destination will … Read the rest ...