Hotel Booking Sites – What’s Best For You?

There are many hotel booking sites online, but what’s best for you? In this article, we’ll take a look at Priceline, Hotwire, Express Deals, and Hopper. We’ll also touch on some travel tips. The most important thing to remember when booking through a hotel booking site is to read the fine print. Most sites hide their fees in fine print and only reveal them after the customer has made their booking.


Unlike other hotel booking sites, Priceline lets you choose which rooms you want, filtering the results by location and guest rating. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you can click on a hotel’s name to view more details and make a booking. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, Priceline also lets you filter by price and neighborhood. Moreover, you can search for last minute deals, which you might want to consider.


The first thing you should know about Hotwire is that they do not list the name of the hotel until you book. So if you are looking for a nice hotel and can’t afford the price listed on the hotel’s website, you can use another site. In the end, you will be able to find a great deal, without having to look around too much. You can use their Hot Rates feature to get better deals.

Express Deals

Priceline’s Express Deals are almost always the cheapest deals on a hotel booking site. You can search for a destination, date and star rating to narrow down … Read the rest ...